Shaolin intensive retreats to reboot your body - mind - spirit.

The Shaolin Warrior-Monk Camps encompass the essence of duality that should characterise all our lives and all our actions: the Warrior (doing, overcoming, performing) and the monk (reflecting, flowing, relaxing).

Become the Master of your life

Only when we awake and train our inner Warrior-Monk we can be truly aware of our abilities and emotions, we can harness our strengths and defeat our weaknesses, we can be Masters of our life journey.

Intensive Shaolin experiences

These intensive Shaolin experiences, immersed in nature and in the millennial culture of the Shaolin warrior-monks, are a Way to rediscover your energy, overcome your limits, let go of all the burdens accumulated and reboot your body - mind - spirit with maximum energy and serenity.

Addressed to

They are accessible to everyone yet not for everyone; you need to be willing to "empty the cup" and to embrace the experience, for the Shaolin Master can only open the door but it is you who must enter the Temple. Everything we will do, we will do together and with all our heart: body - mind - spirit as one! Training your body to clear the mind, clearing the mind to free the spirit, freeing the spirit to free yourself.

Camp Europe

The next One day camp experience will be held on November 10th 2018 in the prestigious Castello di Casiglio located in Erba, in the province of Como.


Camp China

The next Shaoness Camp in China, directly at the legendary Shaolin Temple, will be held from the 15 to the 20 of October.


Camp USA